Nyon adjusts to your needs

The smart Nyon on-board computer can be adapted to your needs. We provide step-by-step instructions to show you how!


Custom screens

You can customise Nyon with the smartphone app or via the online portal. The following description is for the eBike Connect smartphone app.


Step 1

Open the eBike Connect app on your smartphone. Tap „My eBike“.


Step 1

Next click "Custom Ride Screens", to display your riding data, or "Custom Fitness Screens" to see your fitness data.


Step 2

You can now choose between three basic layouts: "Full-Screen Graph", "Numeric Fields and Graph" or "Numeric Fields".


Step 3

The preview will show you what your custom layout will look like on Nyon later.

Tap on one of the tiles.

Step 3

Select which information in the previously selected field is to appear on the display later.


Step 4

Save your selection by clicking on "Save"– the newly defined screens will be transferred to Nyon at the next sync.


Step 5

After the newly defined screens have been transferred to Nyon, you can activate them in the right hand menu by moving the joystick to the right in Ride or Fitness mode.


Step 5

Then select "User Screen" and confirm your selection.


Time to get started!

Have fun on your next ride - Nyon can be adapted to your needs at any time!