Nyon knows the way!

The Nyon smart on-board computer can be relied upon to take you to your destination via GPS. We provide step-by-step instructions to show you how to use Nyon as a "tour guide".


Step 1

Start the eBike Connect app.


Step 2

In the eBike Connect app, select the "Map" menu item and enter your destination in the search box.


Step 3

After you have entered the destination, specify a route option: "Fast", "Comfort" or "MTB" (for mountain bikes).
Click „Start route on Nyon“ - the route will be transferred to Nyon.

Step 4

Once Nyon displays the received route, you can choose between "Start" and "Ignore":

"Start" -> Navigation starts
"Ignore" -> Route is stored under "saved routes"

Time to get started!

Have fun on your eBike ride - with Nyon as your expert guide you will always know where to go!