Reliving your trips online

Would you like to relive and evaluate your eBike rides? We will show you just how easy this can be via the online portal eBike Connect.


Reliving your trips online

Finished your trip? Nyon has more to offer!

After your ride, simply remove Nyon from the handlebar of your eBike. The smart on-board computer will now automatically transfer your riding data.

Requirement: Nyon must be connected to the Internet either via Bluetooth with the eBike Connect smartphone app or via Wi-Fi.

Reliving your trips online

Welcome to the online portal!

To track your rides online, first log in with your user data at


Reliving your trips online

Keep a sharp eye on your activities

Select the "Activities"menu item.


Reliving your trips online

The activities list

On the left you will see your rides grouped by "Rides", "Days" and "Trips".

"Rides" are single rides. All recorded activities completed on a single day are displayed under "Days". "Trips" contains all recorded activities since you first turned on your Nyon on-board computer.

Reliving your trips online


The map shows the exact course of your journey. „Options“ is used to store the route you have completed for future trips or to store the information as a GPX file.


Reliving your trips online

Detailed information

Under the map display you can analyse either the altitude difference, speed, cadence or your performance during the selected trip.

In order to be able to read the display precisely, move the mouse over the graphic.

Time for your next trip!

Now you know exactly what you did on your last eBike ride - ready for new challenges?