Nyon offers you great maps

Stream the relevant maps using the eBike Connect app.


Step 1

Connect Nyon and your smartphone via Bluetooth:
Activate Bluetooth on Nyon under "Settings" > "Connections" > "Bluetooth".
Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone in the usual way. Select Nyon from the device list.


Step 2

Open the eBike Connect app on your smartphone. Select "Settings".


Step 2

Activate "Map streaming"
Please note: Roaming charges may apply when you use this feature abroad.


Step 3

The appropriate section along the route will be streamed and displayed until you reach your destination.

A continuous Bluetooth connection between Nyon and the smartphone, as well as an existing Internet connection are required.

Time to get started!

Nyon displays the current map section for your next eBike ride - and will guide you reliably and comfortably to your destination!