eBike Connect smartphone app

You can modify settings, transfer route plans or use additional premium functions for your own personal, connected interactive eBike experience while on the move. Here we will show you how to connect to your app.

Step 1

First, take your smartphone.
Download the eBike Connect app to your smartphone and start the app.
If you don't have an account yet, please register for one.
After logging in, press 'My eBike' in the app menu bar to connect Nyon to your smartphone. 

Step 2

Follow the instructions on your smartphone to add a new eBike. 

Step 3

Now select 'Nyon (MY21)' and add your on-board computer.

Step 4

Now press and hold the light button on your Nyon for 5 seconds to put the on-board computer into pairing mode.
You can select your Nyon as soon as it is found and displayed in the app. This may take a few moments. 

Step 4

Confirm the connection on your smartphone.
Once the connection process is complete, you will receive a confirmation on the app and on your Nyon.

Step 4

Now press 'Finish'.

Step 5

Your Nyon and smartphone are now connected.
After successful connection, the user name appears in the top left corner of the Nyon status screen.
The smartphone battery icon always appears on the status screen when the smartphone is nearby and connected to the Nyon.
The current charge level of the smartphone is displayed, so that the user can see it while riding.

Step 5

Your activities are synchronised with your smartphone. Routes that you plan and save on your smartphone are automatically transferred to your Nyon.

An important piece of advice:

To allow data to be transferred between the portal, smartphone and Nyon, you need to give your consent in the privacy settings.

Time to get started!

We hope you have a lot of fun on your next trip with Nyon - now all roads to the fascinating eBike world of Bosch are open to you!