Connect your way.

Connect to Wi-Fi and benefit from the full range of Nyon features!
We'll show how it is done. 

Step 1

Go to the Status screen. If the Wi-Fi symbol is greyed out there, Wi-Fi is deactivated.
Either press on the icon directly to activate the Wi-Fi or go to the settings.


Holding your finger on the Wi-Fi icon takes you directly to the Wi-Fi settings.

Step 2

Select Connections.

Step 3

Now select 'Wi-Fi'.

Step 4

Pressing the controller now activates the Wi-Fi.

Step 4

All available networks are now searched and displayed. 

Step 4

Now select your network and connect to it by entering the network password.

Step 5

You are connected to the network when the word 'Connected' appears under your network in the Wi-Fi overview.

Step 6

The Wi-Fi symbol is now active in the status screen.
You can now download maps, start a route or connect to your eBike Connect account. As soon as Nyon is connected to the Wi-Fi, it will automatically check that the software version is up to date and whether new updates are available.

Time to get started!

Have fun on your next eBike trip and enjoy the many functions available with Nyon!