Fun in the fast lane!

Share Nyon with your friends and family and benefit from the different user roles.

Step 1

If you are the first person to log in to a Nyon, you are the owner. You can recognise this by the key symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.  

Step 1

The activity and user data is permanently stored on the Nyon and synchronised with the user account as soon as a connection to the smartphone or Wi-Fi is established.

The data will not be lost when you log out.   

Step 2

If a person from your group of friends would like to borrow your on-board computer, they can log in as a guest user (no key symbol appears in the upper left corner).


The person must be registered in the portal under

Step 2

The user's activity data is only stored on the on-board computer as long as they are logged in.

If there is a connection to the guest user's smartphone or Wi-Fi, the data is automatically synchronised with their account.

Step 2

If the guest user logs off, the activity data on the Nyon on-board computer will be lost.

All previously synchronised data is preserved in the portal or on the smartphone.

Time to get started!

We hope you and your friends have lots of fun on your next adventure!