Fast and efficient!

Gives you access to all important settings while on the move.
Get to know the Quick menu, step by step. 

Step 1

Take the remote and press the hash button. This will take you to the Quick menu.
To close the Quick menu, press the hash key again.

Step 2

The Quick menu contains various functions that can be activated quickly and easily while riding.
Use the arrow keys on the remote to switch between screens in the Quick menu.

Step 2

The plus and minus buttons let you choose between different options within the current screen.

Step 3

Press 'Reset' to reset your current trip data.

Step 4

The 'Select Destination' screen lets you choose between several options.
Press 'Take Me Home' to be guided to the saved home address.

Step 4

Starting your route from a beautiful forest car park instead of from home? No problem. You can save your current position and navigate back to it later.

Step 5

This function lets you enlarge or reduce the current map section.

Step 6

Here you can adjust the display brightness to your current surroundings.
In 'Automatic mode', the brightness is controlled by the ambient light sensor.

Step 7

Use this setting to select a colour scheme you like.

Step 8


When a value or function is selected, the Quick menu closes automatically. The next time you open the Quick menu, you will return to the last selected function in the menu.

Time to get started!

Have fun on your next trip - Nyon can be adapted to your needs at any time!