Activate the 'Lock' function on your Kiox.

Park your bike and forget about it with the new 'Lock' premium function. 

Step 1

Open the eBike Connect App. 

Step 2

In the app, click "More" then "Shop". You can purchase the 'Lock' premium function here.

Note: The 'Lock' premium function in conjunction with the Kiox display is compatible with the Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus drives from model year 2018 onwards and with the Performance Line, Cargo Line, Performance Line Speed and Performance Line CX drives from model year 2020 onwards. This requires that the current software is installed on both Kiox and the drive. 

Step 3

When you set up the 'Lock' function for the first time with Kiox, the following requirements apply: Kiox is inserted in the magnetic mount on the eBike, the smartphone and Kiox are connected via Bluetooth and the smartphone is connected to the Internet.

Step 4

After you have purchased the function, 'Lock' will appear next to the relevant bike under "My eBike" in the app. 

Click the 'Lock' function for the relevant eBike under "My eBike".

Step 5

The 'Lock' menu now appears. Here you can set up or switch off the 'Lock' function and engage or disengage the Lock sound. If you switch on the 'Lock' premium function, the 'Lock' tone is automatically engaged.  

Step 6

As soon as you remove your Kiox, the Lock symbol will be displayed and you will hear audible feedback. 

Step 7

When you reconnect the same on-board computer, the same symbol will be displayed and you will hear audible feedback. The symbol disappears as soon as the same Kiox is detected.

Note: The 'Lock' function can be engaged for up to four eBikes with one Bosch eBike Connect account. 

Time to get started!

We hope you enjoy your new feature!