Connect Kiox to your smartphone

Our Kiox on-board computer can be easily connected to your smartphone - we provide step by step instructions to show you how!

Step 1

Switch your Kiox on. Press and hold down the light button on your Kiox for 5 seconds to put the device in pairing mode. 

Step 2

 Open the eBike Connect app, select the "My eBike" menu item and then click the "Add new eBike device" button.

Step 2

Now click "Add Kiox".

Step 2

 Select your Kiox as soon as you see it displayed below. This can take up to a minute.

Step 3

Kiox and the smartphone are now connected. The riding data is recorded by Kiox and transmitted via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app. Kiox combines the GPS data from the smartphone with the riding data, which can be called up in the app or on the online portal.

Step 4

An important piece of advice: To allow data to be transferred between the portal, smartphone and Kiox, we need your consent in the privacy settings.

Time to get started!

We hope you enjoy your ride!